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Sakshi e-paper is a popular daily Newspaper in Telugu  language. Due to this lot of useful news is read in the a lot of readers. It was accepted by audiences in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and was officially published by Jagati's publications, Murali V Sakshi as its editor. The Sakshi e-paper was launched on March 24, 2008 and provides real-time information to educate citizens, young and old in general, over the years.

Sakshi epaper

What is Sakshi e-paper?

The Sakshi e-paper is a digital and online form of the Sakshi hardcopy Newspaper, a soft copy which can be accessed using any smart device like smartphones, tablets and computer devices. 

The Sakshi e-paper is free to download and can be read anywhere at any time online. Users or readers can download old e-papers and easily get previous information. Paper saves on time and cost as you only need internet to read the paper online. The paper is effective for everyone, especially students and citizens looking for job vacancies.

How to download Sakshi epaper?

  1. Visit the official Sakshi epaper website page.
  2. On the homepage, select the preferred location example Andhra Pradesh (or) Telangana. The page will direct you to the e-paper for today’s date or the actual date you want.
  3. Click the preferred calendar date provided on the page. Users can choose any year, month or date they need.
  4. The e-paper will appear on the screen where you can read any page by tapping the forward or backward arrow.
  5. You can download the Sakshi e-paper or prefer reading from the website.
There are three general editions of Sakshi e-paper, viz. Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Hyderabad editions. Other editions are Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Chennai and Odisha.


To get one of these Sakshi e-paper editions, one has to visit the official Sakshi e-paper website and click on Sakshi e-paper in today's Andhra Pradesh or Telangana or any other state. The paper will be downloaded or displayed on the screen for online reading.

Readers can also subscribe to the notice through the website, where they will get all the details about the e-paper. It will be easier for them to follow all the published articles. The paper is in PDF format and is available on the website. No registration is required to download.

Online e-paper allows users to review the current situation in the country. Apply for a job and learn from the same paper in a different institution. The official company website is Follow the link to get real information, check that no wrong link is found on the website.

Facts about Sakshi e-paper

The Sakshi newspaper is the second largest publication in the Telugu state. It has the largest circulation number of 1.09 million. The Sakshi newspaper has been published in the 23rd edition and second edition in the country to produce colorful images, thus attracting many readers.

It has an initial print run record of 1,286,670 and has an offline and online facility so that readers can access it easily.

Sakshi epaper Download

Notice For Copyright

Please Remenber, we are not the owner of Sakshi Epaper. As mentioned above this newspaper is owned by Jagati's publicationsMurali V Sakshi as its editor. we have just shared the Sakshi Epaper which is already available on web.
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