Facebook – Looking at Yourself Through This Popular Networking Website

Facebook was initially meant for college kids but now the website is open to all. The users must be thirteen years old to join. A simple look in white and blue, it leads you to a galaxy of people in school, at a job, or in your area.


Facebook Functionality

When you are in a network on a social networking website, the others can read the profile. You can even join groups of interest. The users create their profiles. They mention their hobbies, interests, schools, profession, and so on so that they can network with like-minded individuals. 

You can allow people to view the profile either making it private or public. The user can post photos, send gifts, and also post at the classifieds and visit the Market place. Instant messaging is a feature that will come up soon. This place is great for keeping in touch with friends and making new friends. You can browse other profiles too.

Facebook Technicality

Facebook has a good number of links to the other pages but it has easy navigation all over. There is a strategic use of main headings, headlines, and positioning of the logo and taglines so that it is easy for all to look around the site and find out what’s what.  

As a social networking website, it should be newsy with news items and videos passed around and Facebook carries on the job of social utility with care and competence. The listings of the top products, the new products, and the hot products are very clear and link to the product pages. It is a very easy and navigable website.


Facebook has iPhone compatibility and it is easier to stay connected with friends using the iPhone and this is a great feature of Facebook.com. With its added features, this website is worth joining to keep in touch with friends.

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