Life Insurance Corporation Of India (LIC) A Review

The life insurance company (LIC) of India is claimed to be the largest insurance company of India which carries quite a huge number of members all along with India and it is also the longest investor of India that is fully owned by the Indian government. The insurance policies provided by LIC are so well that people from any social class can easily afford them for the good future of themselves and their families. 

LIC Of India Homepage

Some of the product categories mainly available here include; pension plan, insurance plan, unit plan, special plan, and withdrawal plan but this is not all, within these categories you can easily find the most convenient package for you.

The LIC India has provided a very descriptive website for the ease of its members and this is the LIC, let’s review the site and see how this company is serving its members online. 

First of all viewing the main page you’ll find that there are so many features available and due to the fine categorization of features you’ll never get confused about any feature. If you are thinking to join LIC and are searching for information relating to their policies and packages then you should go for the products link on the top list of the site, here you’ll see the further categories like an insurance plan, etc, clicking on the particular plan you’ll reach the place where the diverse packages are provided in detail for that particular category.

Thus we can say that the product link is very well discussed and those newcomers to LIC who want to get detailed information on LIC’s packages should go straight to that section. Now coming to other sections available on the homepage, the other useful links include group schemes, customer services, premium payment, join our team, plan NAV, and Locator. 

All of these sections contain such detailed information about themselves that there are high chances that you’ll get satisfied with them. The section of customer service is beautifully divided into subcategories that you’ll easily find the details of the service which you want from LIC.

Now if you are a customer of LIC them you must not miss the opportunity of becoming LIC’s online member because being a member you’ll be able to enjoy more facilities by staying at home. Just sign up to your portal (the details regarding each portal is also provided) and enjoy the freedom and facilities of being a member of LIC. 

Till now we have seen the discussion of policies and services provided by LIC for the users but many people might be thinking, why take such policies and invest in them? If you are one of those people then you’ll see on the homepage that LIC has already answered your issues on the sections named as ‘things you must know’, ‘why life insurance’, and ‘why invest’.

Thus visiting this site you’ll get all kind of satisfaction which you are requiring from LIC and for those who are already taken LIC’s policies, there are many other facilities like premium calculator, online payment so anyone should visit LIC’s site if they want to get the information about LIC or want to get started with it.

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